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Charitable Giving

Gifts by alumni, corporations, foundations and other individuals have a profound impact on the CSU’s academic programs and learning environments, as well as ensuring a robust system endowment.

​Charitable Gifts by Source

Other Individuals 27%, Alumni 24%, Parents 2%, Foundations 23%, Corporations 15%, Other Organizations 9%

Charitable Gifts by Purpose

Current Programs 60%, Campus Improvements 9%, Endowment 25%, Unrestricted 2%, Other 4%

Three-Year History of Charitable Gift Commitments by Peer Group*

2014-15 $401 Million, 2015-16 $486 Million, 2016-17 $497 Million

Endowment Market Value

$1.60 Billion endowment investment return

$501 million gift commitments​​$339 million gift recipts.png​​ $53 million scholarships awarded11% Endowment