Chancellor White and faculty in academic dress

Chancellor's Message

Dear Friends—

It is once again my great pleasure to share our philanthropic successes over this past year and offer my deepest thanks for your steadfast support of our mission, vision and values.

This year’s report – as in years past – highlights the many incredible gifts that generous supporters like you continue to provide to the California State University and its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

As I visit our campuses and meet with a myriad of leaders and stakeholders, I’m often reminded that the CSU community will play an increasingly vital role in the future success of the Golden State.

In recent years, the CSU community made breakthroughs in gravitational waves, discovered new technologies to bring electricity to remote villages, developed techniques to overcome historic droughts and rescued capsized refugees in the Mediterranean Sea.

The CSU community advanced the fields of palliative care and child development, stood up for the most vulnerable students in our communities and fought to ensure the human rights of all.

Indeed, these discoveries, innovations, advancements and breakthroughs by our students, faculty, staff and alumni represent the best of California today and in the future. And it all starts with your generosity, leadership and support.

The gifts highlighted in this year’s report inspire future generations of students, foster faculty and staff excellence and create new opportunities in research, public service, the arts and athletics.

These gifts have enriched STEM education, enhanced teacher preparation, and provided unmatched educational opportunities and support for students from historically underserved communities.

These gifts have paid tribute to our student veterans, honored the legacies of university and community trailblazers, and helped unearth and record the oral history of an entire region. These gifts – and supporters like you – are helping to transform the CSU to meet the ever-evolving needs of the people of California.

Because of supporters like you, California starts here.

For California,

Timothy P. White