WRPI Conference

Each spring, WRPI holds its annual conference at a CSU campus, bringing together faculty, students and industry partners to explore various topics related to water.

2021​ Conference Presentations

12th​ Annual Water Res​​​ources​ and Policy Initiatives Conference
Comp​rehensive Impact of Water Quality: Past Present and Future

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Day 1​ panelist speakers at the WRPI Conference

Opening Session

Indigenous Perspectives on Water
Moderator: Boykin Witherspoon

Water Quality Effects on Humans, and Possible Solutions
Moderator: Sarge Green

Day 2 panelist speakers at the WRPI Conference

Opening Session and Water Quantity and Quality Effects on Agriculture Panel
Moderator: Arlene Haffa

Water Quality Effects on the Environment
Moderator: Joel Shinneman

The Future of Water Quality and its Potential Risks
Moderator: Eileen Cashman


9,000 Years of Paleohydrolog​ical History Inferred Using Lacustrine Sediments from Maddox Lake, CA
Summary | Video

Assessing Greywater Systems, Greywater Quality Parameters, in Santa Clara County, California
Summary | Video

Assessment of the Water Quality Hea​lth of Martin Slough and Jacoby Creek in Humboldt County for Habitat Suitability for Salmonids
Summary | Poster | Video

Development of a Field-Applicable Water Disinfection System from Agricultural By-Products
Summary | Video

Evidence for a Large ​Middle Holocene Flood Event in the Pacific Southwestern United States (Lake Elsinore, California)
Summary | Video

Evolving Headwater Stream Resilien​cy: Modeling Surface Water Trends Across the San Bernardino National Forest to Support Sustainable Water Resources Management
Summary | Poster | Video

Microplastics Removal in Water using Coagulation and Flo​cculation
Summary | Video

Reliability of Large Rainwater Tanks in Semi-Arid Climate
Summary | Video

Toxic Water Emissions and Econom​ic Growth: A County Level Analysis of the United States
Summary | Poster | Video

Water Quality Monitoring to ​Assess the Effectiveness of Restoration Activities in the Salmon Creek Watershed
Summary | Poster | Video

Younger Dryas to Early Holocene (12.9 and 8.1 ka) Limnological and Hydrological Change at Barley Lake, California (Northern California Co​ast Range)
Summary​ | Video

12th​ Annual Water Resources and Policy Initiatives Conference

Comp​rehensive Impact of Water Quality: Past Present and Future

April 15 and 16 ​
1:00-5:00 p.m.
Special Guest Appearance from:
​ Joseph I. Castro, CSU Chancellor

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