Virtual and Augmented Reality in STEM Teaching and Learning


  • Exploring the educational potential in virtual reality
  • Creating educational virtual reality games to improve student engagement
  • Cutting edge research on virtual STEM labs for the next generation of STEM students to enrich their lab experience, stimulate interests, and bring more individual exercise time.
  • Creating a virtual lab in the fluid mechanics laboratory to supplement existing physical lab exercises.
  • Redesigning physical chemistry with virtual and augmented reality to increase learner outcomes



Fadi Castronovo, CSU East Bay, Application of a Virtual Reality Educational Game to Improve Design Review Skills

Kambiz Hamadani​, California State University, San Marcos, Hands-on Virtual/Mixed-reality Chemistry and Biochemistry Lab experiences

James Lindholm, Cal State Monterey Bay, Immersive VR SCUBA 'dives' Enable Student Research, Training, and Education Like Never Before

Priscilla Zhao, Cal Poly Pomona, Development of a Virtual Reality Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Tumay Tunur, California State University, San Marcos, The Impact of XR-Immersive Labs on Student Motivation to Learn Kinesiology

Abraham Wolcott, San Jose State University, Physical Chemistry: Incorporation of VR into Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Quantum Mechanics

Vivien Luo & Wei Wu, Fresno State, VR/MR Applications in Construction Management and Engineering Education at Fresno State​​

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