University Faculty Advisors

​STEM-NET’s University Faculty Advisors serve as ambassadors to their campus, providing information on STEM-NET, recruiting colleagues to participate in STEM-NET activities, including potential research and educational collaborations and grant opportunities.

David Alexander, Ph.D.

David Alexander, Ph.D.
CSU Chico
Department of Mechanical & ​Mechatronic Engineering
Vice Chair, Assistant Professor​

Babette Benken, Ph.D.

Babette Benken, Ph.D.
CSU Long Beach
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Sobodh Bhandari

Sobodh Bhandari Ph.D.​
Cal Poly Pomona
Department of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Steven Farmer, Ph.D.

Steven Farmer, Ph.D.
CSU Sonoma
Department of Chemistry

Dr. Pratanu Ghosh, Ph.D.

Pratanu Ghosh, Ph.D.
CSU Fullerton
Department of Civil & ​Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor

Dr. Enid Gonzales-Orta, Ph.D.

Enid Gonzalez​​-Orta, Ph.D.
CSU Sacramento
Department of Biological Sciences
Director of the Science Educational Equity Program

Dr. Chance Hoellwart, Ph.D.

Chance Hoellwarth​, Ph.D.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Department of Physics
Director of Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education​

Michele Korb, Ph.D.

Michele Korb, Ph.D.
CSU East Bay
Department of Teacher Education
Associate Professor

Arturo Pacheco-Vega, Ph.D.

Arturo Pacheco-Vega, Ph.D.
CSU Los Angeles
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director of CREST Center for Energy and Sustainability​​

Dr. Joseph Ross, Ph.D.

Joseph Ross, Ph.D.
CSU Fresno
Department of Biology
Associate Professor

Dr. Guna Selvadura, Ph.D.

Guna S. ​​Selvaduray, Ph.D.
CSU San Jose
Department of Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering
C​hair, ​Professor

Dr. Ursula Simonis, Ph.D.

Ursula Simonis, Ph.D.
CSU San Francisco
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Julie Simons, Ph.D.

Julie Simons, Ph.D.
CSU Maritime
Department of Sciences & Mathematics Assistant Professor

Dr. Danielle Solano, Ph.D.

Danielle Solano, Ph.D.
CSU Bakersfield
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Vice ​​​​Chair, Associate Professor​

Dr. Amy Sprowles, Ph.D.

Amy Sprowles, Ph.D.
CSU Humboldt
Department Biological Sciences
Chair, Associate Professor

Dr. Alana Unfried, Ph.D.

Alana Unfried, Ph.D.
CSU Monterey Bay
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Assistant Professor

Dr. William Zahner, Ph.D.

William Zahner, Ph.D.
CSU San D​iego
Department of Mathematics & ​​S​tatistics​​
Associate Professor​

John (Renwu) Zhang, Ph.D.

Renwu Zhang, Ph.D.
CSU San Bernardino
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry