Symposium Session - Curious about CUREs

Curious about CURES?

CURES Group: Matt Escobar, Christopher Meyer, David Rhoads, Corin Slown, Aparna


Did you develop a small module and now don't know what to do with it? Are you teaching a

course integrating research? Would you like to become a part of a Course Based

Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) community?

This workshop will provide resources for novices, faculty with experience, and experts willing to

share evidence-based practices. Participants will select the breakout room of their choice, watch

a short video as a learning tool, and then be provided with prompts to stimulate discussion. A

moderator, proficient in the room topic, will be present to answer questions and ensure a robust


Breakout room topics will include: 1. What is a CURE and how do you develop one? 2. Thinking

about backward mapping and research and student goals? 3. What is evidence of student

learning in a CURE? and 4.How and where can you successfully publish your results and/or

CURE examples?

For additional information about previous CSUPERB CURES workshops, newsletters, and

webinars, please see: (reference website).

Workshop Schedule: 90 minutes for the workshop with 20 minutes for professional networking

and collaborative conversation.

Introduction by Aparna Sreenivasan (Monterey Bay) (10 minutes)

BREAKOUT sessions:


1. Introduction to CUREs - Aparna Sreenivasan (Monterey Bay)

a. How to design a CURE.

b. What is a CURE?

c. Tour a CURE.

2. Backwards mapping- research goals and student goals -David Rhoads (San


a. Student goals/Learning outcomes

b. Research Goals/ Learning outcomes

3. Evidence of student learning- CURE assessment - Corin Slown (Monterey Bay)


a. Assessment Strategies

b. Finding an instrument to measure student learning

c. Analysis

d. How to go beyond assessment

4. Publishing your CURE and creating CURE networks -Matt Escobar (San


a. Sharing CURES (Instructional resource repositories)

b. Publishing CURES (CourseSource, STEM Education Literature)

c. Expanding CURES regionally/nationally

Wrap up: Aparna Sreenivasan or Matt Escobar

Professional networking and collaborative conversations