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​​The 35th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium will be held in-person at the

Santa Clara Marriott, Santa Clara, CA, January 12-14, 2023. 

CSUPERB's Annual Biotechnology Symposium will feature po​​​​ster
abstracts from CSU groups throughout the state. The deadline to submit your abstract in order to be considered for presentation is September 19, 2022 by 5PM.  Please read below for information on submitting an abstract, poster selection, and presenting your poster.

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Poster Eligibility and Selectio​​​n Process

The symposium is an interdisciplinary meeting, so abstracts should be written for a general biotechnology audience. Do not reuse abstracts or write as you might for abstracts to be submitted to niche technical conferences or disciplinary society meetings.​

The abstract selection committee is drawn from the CSUPERB Faculty Consensus Group. The committee uses a “blind” selection process to select abstracts for presentation. No author names, department addresses, or campus affiliations are visible to reviewers.

Poster Abstract Selection Crit​​eria

  • Poster abstracts should include original data and results. Literature reviews are not eligible. The most competitive abstracts make it clear what the project goal was, what methods were used and what conclusions have been drawn from the data presented.
    • Abstract evaluation is not based on how much work is presented; new groups across the CSU are welcome to apply. Groups, however, must make it clear what has been accomplished and how.
    • Abstracts describing bioengineering design projects might include calculations underlying original designs, customer discovery interview data, use of computer, design studio, or prototype facilities to demonstrate proof of concept and overall feasibility of prototypes.
    • CSUPERB solicits both research and curricular/program development abstracts. Core facility, curricular or program development results and data may pertain, for example, to “user communities,” “lessons learned,” enrollments and learning assessments.
  • Poster abstracts should be readable and present ideas clearly. Poster abstracts must be comprehensible and crafted to communicate research results and the larger scientific/technical question to a general biotechnology audience. Successful abstracts provide enough background so that nonexpert reviewers can understand the significance of the work and how it might add to what is already known. In addition, successful abstracts clearly convey what the authors are hoping to accomplish or clearly explain the specific aim(s) of the overall project. Avoid acronyms in poster titles and the use of undefined acronyms.
  • Poster abstracts should have correct spelling and punctuation. CSUPERB does not correct typos, formatting issues or misspellings before abstracts are reviewed or the abstracts are published on the internet.

The most common reason poster abstracts are not accepted? They didn’t include a sentence(s) that make(s) “clear what has been accomplished, what methods were used and what conclusions have been drawn from the data presented.” We understand that abstracts sometimes are recycled from other professional meetings or that investigators might present work at conferences where this is not a requirement for poster acceptance; however, you must rewrite your abstract to meet CSUPERB selection criteria. For further insight on CSUPERB’s competitive abstract selection process, please read this document.

Symposium Poster Abstract Submission Informa​tion

The symposium poster abstract submission deadline is Monday, September 19, 2022 (5 p.m. Pacific time).

  • ​A CSU faculty-led group can submit up to six poster abstracts, but—
  • CSUPERB can only accept up to two poster abstracts from each faculty-led group. Posters submitted on behalf of a special research program (ie. MARC U-STAR, RISE, LSAMP, BUILD, CIRM, etc.​​) will not count towards this maximum. You will have the opportunity to make this distinction on your abstract submission form.
  • CSU faculty members can designate a maximum of two (2) poster-presenting authors per poster.
  • To be eligible for selection and presentations in January, poster abstracts must include at least one CSU author.
  • Eden and Nagel Award nominations are made at the same time and as part of the abstract submission. 

​Abstract Submissio​​n Guidelines

  • Poster titles should be descriptive (150-character limit) and​ not include acronyms.
  • ​Abstracts are limited to 2,500 characters.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by student faculty mentors. Submissions by student authors may be rejected. Students having difficulty reaching their mentors to submit their abstract should contact the CSUPERB program office at csuperb@sdsu.edu before the submission deadline.
  • The submission system accepts text only. Please note that formatting code will not work in titles and abstracts. Any formatting copied from word processors, such as Microsoft Word (e.g. bold, italic, underline and some symbols), will be lost.
  • Spaces count toward the character limits.
  • Abstracts should include funding agency support (including CSUPERB) and other acknowledgments.
  • Provide up to three keywords (for example: species name, field of research, technique) to help participants search for poster topics.

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​Presenting your poster

  • Poster presentations will be held in-person at the Santa Clara Marriott during the 35th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium.  Once reviewed and selected, posters will be assigned to be presented at our Friday evening (7:30-9pm) or Saturday morning (8:30-10am) poster sessions.
  • You will be notified of your abstract's acceptance/non-acceptance status, as well as your assigned poster number and presentation day/time, by email after the close of our abstract review and poster selection process.
  • You are responsible for bringing your printed poster to the event.  
  • Printed posters should be within 3 ft wide by 3.75 ft tall.​​​
  • Posters can be hung on your numbered poster board at any time after noon on Friday for those presenting at the Friday evening session, and any time before 8:30am on Saturday for those assigned to the Saturday morning session.
  • Please be sure to take your posters down once your presentation session has ended.