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About Us

​CSUPERB’s mission is to develop a professional biotechnology workforce through collaborative CSU student and faculty research, innovative educational practices and partnerships with the life science industry.

CSUPERB provides seed grant funding, organizes an annual biotechnology symposium, supports biotechnology-relevant curriculum redesign efforts and serves as a liaison for the CSU with government, philanthropic, educational and biotechnology industry partners. The program involves students and faculty from the departments of life, physical, computer and clinical science, engineering, agriculture, math and business at all 23 CSU campuses.

CSUPERB’s Principles

  • Biotechnology education requires the integration of disciplinary knowledge, hands-on practice, and team-based projects. These experiences effectively engage and retain students who are the first in their families to attend college or are from communities underrepresented in the life sciences. 
  • All students can build a solid foundation for successful life science careers by working on solutions for real-world problems with CSU faculty teacher-scholars in the classroom and on collaborative research teams. 
  • Partnerships with industry professionals, alumni and biotechnology organizations support the ever-evolving life sciences industry and California's regional economies. 
  • The CSU plays a critical role in California’s biotechnology ecosystem. It educates its professional workforce and innovates technologies that drive the growth and evolution of the industry.

Our Team & Collaborators

Presidents' Commission

President Soraya M. Coley, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
President Adela de la Torre, San Diego State University
President Gayle E. Hutchinson, California State University, Chico (Chair)
President Tom Jackson, Jr., Humboldt State University
President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, California State University, Fresno
President Robert S. Nelsen, Sacramento State University

Program Office Staff

Ikhide Imumorin, Ph.D., Executive Director, (619) 594-2510,
Pam Branger, Administrative Support Coordinator, (619) 594-2822
Tyson Gadd, Administrative Analyst, (619) 594-3954
R. Christine Montgomery, Student Program Specialist, (619) 594-1203
James Schmitt, Program Administrator, (619) 594-5299

Strategic Planning Council

Term Ending SPC Member Campus


Math Cuajungco
Matthew Escobar
Jennifer Lillig
Sastry Pantula, Dean

CSU Fullerton
CSU San Marcos
Sonoma State University
CSU San Bernardino


Paula Fischhaber, Deputy Chair
Michael Kaufman, Dean
Christopher Meyer, Dean
Jeffrey Roberts, Dean
Aparna Sreenivasan
Koni Stone

CSU Northridge
San José State University
CSU Fresno
San Diego State University
CSU Monterey Bay​
CSU Stanislaus


Tomas Gomez-Arias, Dean
Monica Lounsbery, Dean
Bori Mazzag
Katherine McReynolds, Chair
Miri VanHoven

CSU Stanislaus
CSU Long Beach
Humboldt State University
CSU Sacramento
San José State University


Michael Goldman

San Francisco State University


Faculty Consensus Group

CampusFaculty Representative, Department, Year Term Ends (June 30)

CSU Bakersfield

Jesse Bergkamp, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2022)​
Sarah Forester, Chemistry (2024)
Isolde Francis, Biology (2022)
Kathy Szick, Biology (2022)  

CSU Channel Islands

Ahmed Awad, Chemistry (2025)  
Alona Kryshenko (2025) 
Nitika Parmar, Biology (2025) 
Hugo Tapia, Biology (2025)

CSU Chico

Kristen Gorman, Biological Sciences (2025)
Meghdad (Amin) Hajimorad, Electrical Engineering (2021)
David Keller, Biological Sciences (2024)​
Jinsong Zhang, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)

CSU Dominguez Hills

Karin Kram, Biology (2022)  
Kari Pederson, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)  
Philip Vieira, Psychology (2021)
Fang Wang, Biology (2023)  

CSU East Bay

Tyler Evans, Biological Sciences (2022)
Pascale Guiton, Biological Sciences (2022)   
Marlin Halim, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2023)
Monika Sommerhalter, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)  

CSU Fresno

Cory Brooks, Chemistry (2024)  
Jason Bush, Biology (2025)
Alejandro Calderon-Urrea, Biology (2024)  
Jacob Wenger, Plant Science (2024)

CSU Fullerton

Math Cuajungco, Biological Sciences, (2025​)  
Niroshika Keppetipola, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2023)
Nina Robson, Mechanical Engineering (2022)   
Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Sciences (2022)  

Humboldt State University

Jenny Cappuccio, Chemistry (2025)  
Bori Mazzag, Mathematics, (2022)
John Steele, Biological Sciences (2024)  
Mark Wilson, Biological Sciences (2022)   

CSU Long Beach

Shadnaz Asgari, Biomedical & Computer Eng. & Computer Science (2024)
Deepali Bhandari, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)
Amanda Fisher, Biological Sciences (2023) 
Long Wang, Family & Consumer Sciences (2022)  

CSU Los Angeles

Mathias Brieu, Mechanical Engineering (2025)
Michael Hayes, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2023)
Hyunsook Park, Biological Sciences (2022)
Xin Wen, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2024)​​

CSU Maritime

​Tomas Oppenheim, Mechanical Engineering (2023)

Alex Parker, Science & Mathematics (2023)
Julie Simons, Science & Mathematics (2023)

CSU Monterey Bay

Amy Danowitz, Biochemistry, (2024)
Nathaniel Jue, Biology (2024)
Ryan Luke, Kinesiology (2022)  
Aparna Sreenivasan, Biology (2025)  

CSU Northridge

Karin Crowhurst, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)  
Paula Fischhaber, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2023)
Melissa Takahashi, Biology (2023)
John Valdovinos, Electrical and Computer Engineering​ (2023)

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Cord Brundage, Animal & Veterinary Sciences (2023)   
​Kathryn McCulloch, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)
Vilupanur Ravi, Chemical & Materials Engineering (2024)
Jamie Snyder, Biological Sciences, (2024)

CSU Sacramento

Matthew Brown, Kinesiology & Health Science (2023)
Robert Crawford, Biological Sciences (2025)
Katherine McReynolds, Chemistry (2025)
Kimberly Mulligan, Biological Sciences (2025)

CSU San Bernardino

Jason Burke, Chemistry (2023)   
Jeremy Dodsworth, Biology (2023)  
Jeremy Mallari, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2025)
Daniel Nickerson, Biology (2025)   

San Diego State University

Shawn O'Connor, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences (2023)
​Byron Purse, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2023)
Mahasweta Sarkar, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2023)
Manal Swairjo, Biochemistry (2025)​

San Francisco State University

Lily Chen, Biology (2022)   
George Gassner, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2022) 
Michael Goldman, Biology (2021)  
Weiming Wu, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2024)   

San José State University

Daryl Eggers, Chemistry (2023)  
Folarin Erogbogbo, Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Eng. (2024)   
Kasuen Mauldin, Nutrition, Food Science & Pkg (2022)  
Katherine Wilkinson, Biological Sciences (2025)   

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Jean Davidson, Biological Sciences (2025)
Christopher Heylman, Biomedical Engineering (2023)
Rodrigo Manjarin, Animal Science (2025)

Steven Wilkinson, Chemistry & Biochemistry, (2024)

CSU San Marcos

Matthew Escobar, Biology (2023)
Robert Iafe, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2024)  
Jay Jayasinghe, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2021)
Arun Sethuraman, Biological Sciences (2022)

Sonoma State University

Farid Farahmand, Engineering (2023)   
Monica Lares, Chemistry (2025)  
Omayra Ortega, Mathematics (2023)
Sean Place, Biology, (2024)

CSU Stanislaus

Elvin Aleman, Chemistry (2025)  
Choong-Min Kang, Biology (2022)  
Koni Stone, Chemistry ​(2025)  
Janey Youngblom, Biological Sciences (2024)