The 2021-22 applications are currently being accepted until April 1st, 2021. Please email questions to: csu.agep.alliance@gmail.com

You can access the Newer Faculty Coachees Application here. You can access the Tenured Faculty Tenured Faculty Coaches Application here. 

Apply to participate in a Culturally-Informed Strengths-Based Approach to Advance Early-Career Faculty Success (NSF HRD: #1916056)

For our 2021-22 National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded program, we are recruiting STEM faculty from the California State University System (CSU)

  • 16 tenure-track/lecturer coachees

  • 4 tenured faculty coaches 

The ​goal of this program is to enable newer faculty coaches to bring their authentic selves to their roles as underrepresented minority STEM faculty by leveraging their natural talents, and the strengths embedded in their social and cultural identities to successfully navigate their institutional contexts. The intended outcomes of participation include:

  • Enhanced teaching experience and effectiveness

  • Increased research and grant activity

  • Strong professional networking community

For Newer Faculty Coachees, we are accepting applications from CSU tenure-track and full-time lecturers hired Fall 2018 or later from historically underrepresented minority (URM) groups in STEM and STEM Education fields including Social & Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.). 

For Tenured Faculty Coaches, we are accepting applications from CSU tenured STEM professors with a demonstrated commitment to STEM equity.

(NSF defines historically underrepresented minorities as African American, Hispanic Americans, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Native Pacific Islander.  The NSF advises that participants should be a self-identified member of an AGEP population and a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or nationals.)

Faculty who are selected will be supported through trainings about culturally-informed strengths-based strategies for faculty success, senior faculty coaching, peer coaching and networking, and grant proposal writing training.  Applications are now being accepted until April 1, 2021.

Newer Faculty Coachee commitment includes the following:

  • Kickoff Weekend Retreat (August 2021/potentially virtual)

  • 6 Web-based Zoom Workshops (Sept 2021 – May 2022)

  • 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with Senior STEM faculty strengths coach (every other month, Sept 2021 – May 2022)

  • 60-minute 1-on-1 peer coaching call with another participant (every other month, Sept 2021 – May 2022)

  • Completion Weekend Retreat (June 2022)

  • Participants will be invited to participate in Retreats during 2022-2023 (optional)

Tenured Faculty Coaches commitment includes the following:

  • Web-based training related to diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM (6 hours August 2021)

  • Consecutive 4.5-day, virtual or possibly an in-person training, Accelerated Strengths Coaching offered by Gallup. (completed Summer 2021)

  • Virtual Kickoff Weekend Retreat (August 2021)

  • 6 Web-based Zoom Workshops with URM STEM faculty participants (Sept 2021 – May 2022)

  • Five-60-minute1-on-1coachingcallwith4participants (every other month, Sept 2021 – May 2022)

  • Attend a completion Weekend Retreat (June2022)

  • Coaches and Participants will be invited to participate in Retreats in 2022 - 2023 (optional)

Coaches Compensation: Travel Reimbursement to a related conference of your choice. Additional compensation is based on 100 hours of taxable income based on your campus hourly wage salary.

Please email questions to: csu.agep.alliance@gmail.com