Informing Decision-Making


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Serving as a primary resource for informed decision-making in government, industry and local communities is one of COAST’s overall priorities. To achieve this goal, COAST and its members serve as honest brokers by providing and explaining the best available science on marine, coastal, and coastal watershed related topics to legislators, agencies and stakeholders. 

As part of its on-going efforts to provide the state with the scientific information it requires to manage California’s extraordinary marine and coastal environments, COAST provides scientific expertise on a broad array of topics through both printed materials and public events. 

CSU Topical Expertise

COAST has developed resources that summarize current marine and coastal issues and provide information on CSU experts with relevant expertise. These experts are experienced in effective communication with non-scientists and are committed to informing decision-making and policy development. ​

Legislative Briefings and Panels

Legislative Briefing and Expert Panel Process