CSU students contribute 32​ million​ hours of ​​community service annually—an econo​mic impact of $738 million.​​


Through one CSU community partnership, over 75,000 parents have learned how to prepare their child for college.


The CSU offers more than 3,000 service learning courses; nearly 66,000 students have experienced one.

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  • Engaging with California's Communities

    Service learning programs, high-impact practices that combine classroom instruction with community service, are found on every CSU campus.

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  • The CSU Community Partners
  • The CSU's Community Partners

    Working with a wide variety of groups and organizations, the CSU is expanding the pipeline for college-ready high school graduates.

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  • Educational Partnerships

    The 2016-17 annual report of the CSU’s External Relations department showcases the many ways in which the system serves California’s diverse communities.

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