Jim Kouf
Jim Kouf
Jim Kouf
Screenwriter, director and producer, Kouf/Bigelow Productions

Cal Poly San Lus Obispo

B.A. English (1974)
  • Jim Kouf began his career in film in 1981. His writing breakthrough came in 1987 when he wrote the buddy cop comedy "Stakeout" for which he earned the 1988 Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay.
  • He has produced several hit movies, including the 1997 film "Con Air," "Rush Hour" (1998) and 2004's "National Treasure."
  • More recently, he has turned his talents to television, writing for the vampire saga "Angel" and "Ghost Whisperer." In 2011, Kouf co-wrote and produced the pilot for "Grimm." The show is now in its sixth successful season.
  • Devotes significant time and energy to the Cal Poly English Department's Career Connections Program as a mentor to students who want to work in show business.
  • Discovered a talent for screenwriting while a student at Cal Poly. He took a playwriting class and as he said "it was fun and not particularly difficult, and a great way to make a living." He tells students that it is possible for normal people to make it in Hollywood.
  • Favorite classes at Cal Poly were history classes, which he says still serve him to this day when working on films such as "National Treasure" and the television show "Grimm."​

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