About the Alumni Council

As the representative voice of the CSU's four million global alumni, the Council plays an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participating in strategic decision-making.

The Council, comprised of alumni directors and representatives from all 23 CSU campuses, utilizes its combined resources to represent and support the interests of the campus alumni associations, alumni and the CSU by:

  • promoting and engaging the CSU and its alumni
  • advocating for the CSU
  • facilitating the professional development of member associations

The Council's Role in Systemwide Policy

Members of the Alumni Council meet regularly with CSU leaders and participate on systemwide committees to ensure that alumni are represented. The Alumni Council designates a representative to the following:

In addition:

  • The Alumni Council president and members of the Executive Committee meet the Chancellor and Vice C​h​ancellor to discuss CSU priorities and the Alumni Council's efforts to promote and protect the interests of the CSU.
  • The Alumni Council president or the president's designee is a member of the selection committee for the ​CSU Trustees' A​ward for Outstanding Achievement.