Steve Wagner

Honorary Degrees

California State University San Marcos​​

Steve Wagner, co-founder and president of the Stone Brewing Co., is a longtime supporter and advocate of California State University San Marcos and its mission.

Believing that supporting students with the gift of education will inspire them to give back, Mr. Wagner has been an annual Student Philanthropy Council supporter since its inception in 2011. His generosity has had an indelible impact. With an initial goal of raising $10,000 for student scholarships, Mr. Wagner helped the university exceed this amount by contributing a yearly matching gift to encourage student giving. Today, the scholarship exceeds $80,000, with more than 2,200 student donors since 2011. Mr. Wagner and his wife, Laura, have helped build a culture of philanthropy on campus as well by supporting CSU San Marcos Giving Day. The Wagners have provided annual challenge gifts to encourage the community to compete for additional funds. In the last four years, Giving Day has raised more than $900,000.

Mr. Wagner is not only financially generous; he also contributes greatly of his time. He hosts the College of Business Administration Professional Mentor Program events at Stone Brewing to encourage the development of business networking skills essential for success. He also serves as a mentor and stays connected with his mentees long after they graduate.

Mr. Wagner helped launch the EngiBeering program, which explores the science, engineering and art of brewing craft beer. Under his direction, Stone Brewing supports signature events on campus, including the annual Gala and the President's Report to Community. Since its founding in 1996, Stone Brewing has contributed more than $3.75 million to nonprofit organizations. The company is dedicated to supporting the community and promoting a culture of social responsibility, collaboration and involvement. Recently, Mr. Wagner was elected to serve as vice chair of the CSU San Marcos Foundation Board. His leadership and passion for helping students has been transformative for the campus.

In recognition of his considerable accomplishments and transformational philanthropy, the Board of Trustees of the California State University and California State University San Marcos are proud to confer upon Steve Wagner the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.