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Collective Bargaining Agreements

Information on agreements between the CSU and various unions is listed below.

California State University Employee Union (CSUEU)
A large portion of the represented employees at the Chancellor's Office are represented by CSUEU. The Collective Bargaining Agreement is a contractual agreement between the Board of Trustees of the California State University and the California State University Employees Union.

State Employee Trades Council-UNITED (SETC)
Represented employees who conduct work in a skilled trade at the Golden Shore facility are members of SETC-United. The Collective Bargaining Agreement is a contractual agreement between the Board of Trustees of the California State University and the State Employees Trades Council-United.

Bargaining Updates
Collective bargaining with the various CSU unions is conducted by the CSU's systemwide Labor Relations Department. The Labor Relations Department negotiates statewide agreements with the various CSU unions, and those agreements govern the wages, hours and working conditions for union-represented employees at the 23 CSU campuses and the Chancellor's Office.

Bargaining Updates: From Labor Relations Department

Agency Fee
Employees at the Chancellor's Office who are covered by a union contract and who are not dues-paying members of their union are required by California law to pay an agency fee each month. Agency Fee FAQ » (.pdf)

More Resources

  • Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA)
    HEERA is the California statute that regulates employer-employee relations for the California State University and the University of California. It guarantees covered higher education employees the right to form, join and participate in “employee organizations” (unions) for the purpose of representation and “meeting and conferring” (collective bargaining).
  • Public Employment Relations Board (PERB): How to File a Charge
    PERB is the governmental agency that administers HEERA. Employees who believe that their employer has committed an unfair practice that violates HEERA may file a charge with PERB.
  • Decision Search
    Search the PERB website to locate cases that have been decided by the Board.

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