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BenefitsThe Chancellor's Office offers a comprehensive package of benefits including health plans, employee programs, savings plans, retirement and more. Employees may calculate their total CSU compensation package by inputting their salary and benefit information into the Total Compensation Calculator.

Employee Programs
The Chancellor's Office offers a variety of programs including Rideshare, Fee Waiver (tuition assistance), Employee Recognition Events, Employee Assistance Program and discount cards.

Health Benefits
Includes a wide range of health plans, such as medical, dental, vision, flexible benefits programs, and more.

Employees receive 13 paid holidays and one personal holiday per year.

Includes information on types of leave: maternity/paternity, Family and Medical Leave, Disability leave, LTD and more.

Life Insurance/Survivor Benefits
Includes employer-paid and voluntary employee-paid life insurance and Social Security survivor benefits.

Miscellaneous Voluntary Insurance Plans
All employees have the option to enroll in several types of voluntary insurance coverage, including long-term care, auto/homeowner's insurance and the CalPERS home loan program.

Includes information on retirement benefits, eligibility, Social Security and CalPERS.

Savings Plans
Includes information on Tax deferred savings plans, savings bonds and credit unions.

Employees earn vacation time depending on their position and length of service. Includes information on vacation time accrual and how to request vacation.

Workers' Compensation
Employees of the Chancellor's Office are covered for any injury/illness arising out of or in the course of employment, at no charge to the employee.

Sytemwide Summaries
These brochures provide an overview of the benefits generally available for each employee category.

    MPP (.pdf) | Confidential (.pdf) | CSEA (.pdf) | Unit 6 (.pdf)

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Disclaimer: These pages contain general summaries of the benefits for CO employees. If there is a conflict between anything stated on these pages and a plan document (insurance policy/contract, summary plan description, collective bargaining agreement, HR letter, etc.), the plan document governs.

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Last Updated: March 14, 2013