Systemwide Human Resources

Moving Forward 2013

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(opening graphics: CSU logo and Moving Forward 2013 Human Resources Strategic Vision and Goals graphic)

(narration) At the California State University, we believe the people who work for the CSU are vital to accomplishing its mission. The role of human resources is to provide leadership within the community of faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure that the CSU can recruit, retain, and engage a highly talented and diverse workforce in accomplishing the CSU's mission.

In 2010 we proposed a vision and a direction, with 5 goals:

On-screen text:
Productivity and Engagement
Health and Well-Being
Risk and Compliance
Continuous Improvement
Collective Bargaining

From that vision, seeds were planted. We want to highlight how our goals are coming to life across the CSU.

on-screen text: Success Stories
(narration) We are grateful to those who generously shared their successes, and would like to highlight some recent examples that have come to fruition in the past year.

Productivity and Engagement

graphic: San Francisco State University – Executive Coaching Program
(narration) At San Francisco State University, six managers participated in a pilot program in which they were provided executive coaching for 6 months and tasked with completing executive development and leadership goals. Based on very positive feedback, San Francisco State intends to expand this program as part of succession planning and professional development.

On-screen text: CSU East Bay – LEEP (Leadership and Employee Enrichment Program)
(narration) This year, with the launch of the Leadership and Employee Enrichment Program, or LEEP, employees at CSU East Bay were able to participate in a variety of opportunities that support their personal and professional goals. Based on employee needs and feedback, LEEP provides a wide range of classes, workshops, events, and activities that serve to enhance employee knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as strengthen their commitment to students, staff, faculty, and local communities.

On-screen text: CSU San Marcos – “ART of Communication”
(narration) CSU San Marcos implemented the “ART of Communication”, a non-mediated/non-facilitated process designed for conflict resolution through one-on-one, peer to peer interactions. The ART program provides practical techniques for decreasing problems at work associated with unresolved conflicts and addresses effective team communication practices, conflict management techniques, and strategies for dealing with the public.

Health and Well-Being

On-screen text: San Jose State University –Well U Wellness Program
(narration) San Jose State University Human Resources continues to expand their successful Well U wellness program, encouraging employees to strive for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Kaiser Permanente recognized their commitment to wellness and partnered with San Jose State on a worksite wellness program. The campus organized activities such as the Thrive Across America fitness challenge,, Know Your Numbers health screenings, and several wellness lectures.

On-screen text: Cal State Fullerton – Smoke-free CSU campus
(narration) Cal State Fullerton’s faculty, staff and students are working together to become the CSU’s first completely smoke-free campus on August 1st, where no smoking will be allowed anywhere on campus. We are looking at making all of our campuses smoke free.

On-screen text: CSU San Bernardino – Wellness Programs
(narration) Utilizing the assistance of several health plan providers, CSU San Bernardino is providing wellness-related programs, such as Walk-a-Thon competitions and the Biggest Loser contests. The HR department created internship opportunities for CSU San Bernardino Business students who worked on the development of these programs.

On-Screen text: San Francisco State University – Ergonomic Software
(narration) With the goal of reducing the number of work-related injuries, San Francisco State University partnered with a vendor at no cost to make Stretch Break Pro software available to University employees. The software regularly reminds users to take computer breaks and recommendsexercises to perform during breaks.

Risk and Compliance

On-screen text: Cal Poly Pomona – Faculty Recruitment Guide
(narration) Academic Affairs at Cal Poly Pomona developed a Faculty Recruitment Guide, providing an overall framework of the existing policies and procedures. It guides faculty committees, departments, Deans, and others in achieving the university’s goal of managed change and the recruitment and retention of a well-qualified and diverse community of teacher-scholars. All searches for tenure-track positions are expected to follow this process.

On-screen text: CSU Dominguez Hills – Workers’ Compensation
(narration) CSU Dominguez Hills has taken a proactive approach to workers’ compensation claims management; increasing communication with managers and employees, creating a medical survey and training on the basics of workers’ compensation,which has improved the overall satisfaction of the program.

On-screen text: CSU Stanislaus – Risk Management Workgroup
(narration) A campus Risk Management Workgroup surveyed the entire CSU Stanislaus campus to identify areas of potential risk. The Workgroup identified personnel areas that needed continuous attention as a top priority for attention. Actions taken included more proactive use of the Employee Assistance Program; formulating a campus violence prevention training program, engaging the Campus Compliance Officer to monitor and follow up on identified risk areas, and actively working with the campus Police Department to offertraining for all MPP personnel on how to handle campus emergencies.

Continuous Improvement

On-screen text: CSU Fresno – Change Management Program
(narration) In order to harness and embrace a culture of innovation and process improvement for moving CSU Fresno forward, a new professional development program themed around innovation, process improvement, and managing change will be implemented in the coming year.

On-screen text: Cal State Northridge – CSUN Shine
(narration) 'CSUN Shine' is an exciting new identity campaign that was recently launched to tell the Cal State Northridge story to a larger audience in a more compelling way. The Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter campaign taps the creativity and ideas of their most valuable resource - the students, faculty, and staff of Cal State Northridge. This program engages the campus community in shaping how the University responds to current issues. Improvement projects are underway that directly address comments submitted by the campus community - improving quality, effectiveness, cost efficiency, user-friendliness, and sustainability.

Collective Bargaining

On-screen text: CSU Channel Islands - Fire Emergency Protocol
(narration) In May this year the CSU Channel Islands campus was safely evacuated as area fires threatened campus buildings and student housing. Following the fires, CSUEU and Channel Islands Human Resources Management collaborated to identify changes to safety protocol improving response for future emergency situations.

(closing narration) Through these highlighted success stories and many others, the CSU is moving forward! Special thanks to all of the faculty, staff and administrators who work to achieve a vision of a great place to work, a place that cares for its people and play a vital role in making good ideas come to life.