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The “How to Get to College” website brings to life the well-known CSU publication, guiding students and parents through the steps of getting to college from 6th grade to 12th grade. The site includes videos of real CSU students, and resources for educators. You can also download and order the “How to Get to College” publication is six languages: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, and Luiseño.

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California Colleges.edu allows students to explore colleges in California, and learn important information about testing, careers, financial aid and scholarships.  It also features tools to help students develop their academic plan and apply to CSU campuses. 

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CSU Mentor is the portal to apply for admission to all 23 CSU campuses.  By creating an account, students can develop an academic plan to guide their course selection, compare CSU campuses, and apply for admission.  The site is available in Spanish and includes information about testing and financial aid.

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Students at California Community Colleges can earn an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) and gain transfer admission to a CSU campus.

On the "A Degree with a Guarantee" website students can access information to help them plan their courses and choose a major.

Download the CSU Transfer Pathways presentation.

Download information for high school students

Download information for community college students

Other Important Resources

The SAT will be undergoing major changes beginning in the spring of 2016 to better focus on the knowledge and skills most essential for college success.

Download the SAT presentation.

Learn more about the new SAT here.

Learn More About the CSU

The Communities We Serve is the annual report of CSU External Relations. It highlights the campuses and communities that support CSU initiatives to underserved communities.

Download the External Relations annual report here.


Watch videos about the important work the CSU does reaching underserved communities across California


Download CSU African American Initiative Presentation