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Journey to Success

CSU Fullerton Students at JTS

Journey to Success is a CSU program to connect with and inform Asian and Pacific Islander American students and their families about the steps to prepare, apply, enroll and graduate from college.

Journey to Success events take place at several CSU campuses and are open to students in grades 6-12 and those attending community colleges.  Events feature workshops about college preparation and requirements, fun classes, parent workshops and information about paying for college.

Results from the CSU Early Assessment Test indicate that students from underserved AAPI communities may benefit from additional assistance in the attainment of higher education.

Journey to Success Events

Listed below are Journey to Success College Fairs held at CSU Campuses.

Community Involvement

Community participation is what makes Journey to Success different from other college fairs. Journey to Success college fairs are organized by a team of university officials and community members with the purpose of providing a culturally significant experience for parents and students. Events goals include:

  • Reach traditionally underrepresented communities
  • Provide a multi-cultural experience
  • Empower families with knowledge about how to make college a reality
  • Engage students in a college environment
  • Open doors of opportunity

For Students

Congratulations for taking your first steps towards planning for college! Below you will find several resources that will help you create your roadmap to college.

  • The CSUMentor Website will help you explore CSU campuses, identify the classes you need to be eligible for college, learn about financial aid and see the deadlines and steps to apply for a California State University campus.
  • The Math Success Website will help high school students learn about the CSU Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Requirement. You can take a mathematics practice test to get a sense of the ELM exam.
  • The English Success Website will help high school students learn about the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) requirement. You can take an English practice test to get a sense of the EPT exam.

Video testimonials of students like you, about preparing for the mathematics and English tests.

Journey to Success is a program of the CSU Asian American and Pacific Islander Initiative