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April 19, 2005



CSU Presidents


Charles B. Reed


Optional Summer Term State University Fee Schedules - Executive Order Number 941

Attached is Executive Order No. 941, which updates the Optional Summer Term State University Fee (SUF) Schedules to correspond to the Academic Year SUF adopted by the Board of Trustees in May 2004.

As in the past, campuses may choose to implement one of the summer term fee schedules described. Regardless of which option is implemented, campuses are reminded that fee revenues for budget allocation purposes will continue to be calculated using the standard SUF and that campuses will be responsible for meeting their fee revenue goals without additional support from the CSU systemwide office.

In accordance with policy of the California State University, the campus president is responsible for implementing executive orders where applicable and for maintaining the campus repository and index for all executive orders.

If you have questions regarding this executive order, please call Patrick Lenz, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget Development, at
(562) 951-4560.





Executive Staff, Office of the Chancellor

Executive Order 941

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Executive Order:



Optional Summer Term State University Fee Schedules

Effective Date:

Summer Term 2005


Executive Order No. 898

This Executive Order is issued pursuant to authority granted by Education Code Section 89700. It updates the Optional Summer Term State University Fee (SUF) Schedules to correspond to the Academic Year SUF approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2004.

A campus may elect to utilize one of the following summer term fee schedules:

Option #1: Standard State University Fee (SUF)

Option #1 is the standard SUF schedule and is the same as the fee schedule that applies during the academic year. The standard SUF also establishes the maximum fee that cannot be exceeded if a campus utilizes Option #2, #3, or #4.

Table 1

Option #2: Per Unit Summer Term Fee

Option #2 allows campuses to implement a per unit fee schedule. If a campus utilizes the per unit fee schedule, the maximum fee that a student may be charged is standard State University Fee specified in Option #1.

Table 2

Option #3: Hybrid Fee Structure

Option #3 allows a campus to charge students the standard SUF for up to 6.0 units and the per unit summer fee for the number of units in excess of 6.0 units. As in all other fee options, the maximum fee is capped at the standard SUF specified in Option #1.

Table 3

Option #4 (Quarter-Calendar Campuses ONLY): Adjusted Tier Fee Schedule

Option #4 allows Quarter-Calendar Campuses to increase the number of units in which their students can be enrolled at the lower tier of the State University Fee.

Table 4

Campuses may choose which of the fee options to implement, but the State University Fees paid by students on campuses where one of the Optional Summer Term Fee Schedules has been implemented may not exceed the maximum semester/quarter fees established by the California State University's Board of Trustees and noted in Option #1.



Charles B. Reed

Dated: April 19, 2005