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November 16, 2004



CSU Presidents


Charles B. Reed


Reconsideration Procedures for CSU Employees Not Represented by an Exclusive Representative — Executive Order Number 923

Attached is a copy of Executive Order No. 923 which revises the prior executive order to update the Chancellor’s Office department to which campus reconsideration procedures are to be sent and to note that “president” and “campus” as used in this executive order shall mean “chancellor or designee” and “Office of the Chancellor,” respectively, for employees in the Chancellor’s Office.

In accordance with policy of the California State University, the campus president has the responsibility for implementing executive orders where applicable and for maintaining the campus repository and index for all executive orders.

If you have questions regarding this executive order, please call systemwide Human Resources at (562) 951-4411.





CSU Presidents
Executive Staff, Office of the Chancellor

Executive Order 923

Office of the Chancellor
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Long Beach, California 90802-4210
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Executive Order:



Reconsideration Procedures for CSU Employees Not Represented by an Exclusive Representative

Effective Date:

November 16, 2004


Executive Order No. 446

This executive order is issued pursuant to Sections 42728 and 43775 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. The reconsideration procedures prescribed herein apply only to those California State University employees who are members of the Public Employees’ Retirement System or the State Teachers’ Retirement System and who are not represented by an exclusive representative under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.

This executive order supersedes Executive Order No. 446 except that any prior proceeding commenced but not concluded by the effective date of this executive order may continue under Executive Order No. 446.

This executive order prescribes guidelines for development of reconsideration procedures. Presidents shall develop and publish reconsideration procedures which conform to these guidelines.

An employee included in these procedures may request reconsideration of personnel actions concerning retention, evaluation, promotion, assignment, reassignment and hours of work. It is the policy of the California State University to encourage discussion and seek resolution of such requests.

Each campus procedure shall contain at least two stages of review, except for individuals reporting directly to the President, and shall specify that all meetings and responses shall be provided in a timely fashion. Additional stages of review may, at the discretion of the President, be included in the campus procedure. An employee may initiate a request for reconsideration by asking in writing for an appointment with his/her immediate supervisor. The supervisor and employee shall meet to discuss the request for reconsideration. In the event the matter is not resolved, the employee may notify the President or designee in writing describing the nature of the reconsideration request and the results of the first meeting. The President or designee shall meet with the employee to discuss the request. The decision of the President shall be final.

In the event the request for reconsideration involves the interpretation of systemwide policy or involves matters of systemwide concern, the President or designee is encouraged to seek advice and consult with appropriate Chancellor’s Office staff.

Prior to implementation, the proposed campus reconsideration procedures shall be forwarded to the Office of General Counsel for legal review and approval. An information copy of the approved and implemented procedures shall be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources in the Chancellor’s Office. Pursuant to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 43775, the Chancellor shall report to the Board of Trustees on the procedures developed or revised by the campuses.

Attachment A of this executive order is an example of how the minimum guidelines established herein might be articulated in a campus procedure. Current campus procedures adopted and approved under Executive Order No. 446 continue as approved under this executive order.
The term “President” and “campus” as used in this executive order shall mean “Chancellor or designee” and “Office of the Chancellor” respectively, for employees in the Office of the Chancellor.



Charles B. Reed

Dated: November 16, 2004