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“Without my digital degree planner, I would have second guessed myself a lot. I need to see my classes in front of me – including the ones I’ve taken and the ones I have left. I talk to friends who don’t go to a CSU school and they wish they had a planner to help them organize their classes. I don’t know what I’d do without it.”— Majidah Qaddourah, CSU San Marcos Student

In 2014, Cal State San Marcos was chosen as a pilot campus for the CSU’s digital degree planner project. The university already had a number of academic advising digital tools in place at the time, including an online Academic Requirements Report. With funding from the Office of the Chancellor, and in a collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs staff, the digital degree planner became part of academic advisement.

As of spring 2022, Cal State San Marcos has a 98% usage rate among students for its digital degree planner. Majidah Qaddourah, a Political Science major with a goal of attending law school after earning her Cal State San Marcos degree, shared her appreciation for access to a digital degree planner. “I felt like I was basically a first gen student as things have changed so much and my parents didn’t know how to help me,” said Majidah. “Having the degree planner was extremely helpful especially for students like me who didn’t know where to start.”

Recent graduate Jaime Ayala also credits the degree planner for helping him stay on track for a timely graduation. “The degree planner allowed me to take control of my academic journey. I am very proactive, so the moment I transferred from Mira Costa I was able to use it as feedback on how I was doing. One great feature was clock that would tell me which classes were more urgent for me to take to meet my major requirements.” Jaime’s goal is ultimately to work in social work or clinical psychology. As a result of the support of the digital degree planner, he’s ready to start that journey.

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