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“Students have said things like. ‘Wow, it’s like somebody actually cared.’​”— Lesley Davidson-Boyd, interim associate vice president and dean of Undergraduate Studies

At CSU San Bernardino, reenrollment coaches were hired in spring 2022 to help reengage with students who had left the university without completing their degree program. After an initial outreach, about a quarter of the students registered for their classes within three days of being contacted. In addition, the university waived existing hold fees to help make the return to school smoother. In the end, CSU San Bernardino successfully reenrolled more than 500 students for spring 2022, resulting in a 22% success rate.

Outreach, however, is only part of a bigger student success picture at San Bernardino. The campus also identified major barriers that could prevent students from reenrolling including the cost of attendance, availability of classes and holds placed on student accounts preventing them from registering. Reenrollment coaches were instrumental in helping connect students to solutions to many of these issues.

For example, coaches served as liaisons between students and the Office of Financial Aid providing assistance with such activities as the appeal processes and adjusting information on the FAFSA. Returning students were given priority registration within their class year, and reenrollment coaches partnered with academic advising to ensure students were aware of such opportunities as dual enrollment programs. Reenrollment coaches were also available to help students address holds on registration related to vaccinations, COVID-19 testing, advising, financial service and Title IX training.

Once students successfully reenroll, they join the Coyotes Achieve program where they will continue to receive specialized services including in-depth advising, academic mentoring and academic support services such as tutoring. Their progress will be tracked as part of a cohort program that offers both academic and social support, creating a community of peers that help enhance a sense of belonging and a shared vision to graduate with a CSU San Bernardino degree.

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