Margaret (Peggy) Stevenson, J.D.

San José State University

Margaret (Peggy) Stevenson

Professor Stevenson founded the Record Clearance Project as a way to give students hands-on experience with the law, the court system and the people involved. The Record Clearance Project is a unique undergraduate curriculum and essential community resource. Through her dedicated work and innovative efforts, Professor Stevenson has created a rich, three-course learning environment for students interested in a broad range of careers and advanced study. Stevenson collaborates with law schools, the courts, corrections systems, and other advocacy and community-based organizations. To date, the Record Clearance Project has filed over 1,400 expungement petitions for over 500 clients with a 99 percent success rate. Professor Stevenson has created a project that provides experiences students would not otherwise gain outside of law school, enabling them to use the law and their education to change lives for the better.