Officer Safety and Wellness

California State Police Departments ensure wellness by providing our staff with a variety of safety equipment and training. Officer injuries are reported and monitored by the University.

Related Goal(s)

Develop a staffing model that ensures that UPD police officers are not exposed to the stressors of excessive duty and loss of personal time.

  • Develop principles for staffing levels at each campus
  • Police staffing model
  • Establish methodology to measure effectiveness
  • Collect information on injuries

Protect the physical and mental wellness of officers.

  • Assess the impacts of the job on police officer judgment and mental wellness
  • Develop wellness initiatives

Research, develop and implement the best in safety and protective equipment.

  • Continuously assess the adequacy of existing safety and protective equipment

Examine opportunities for officer release time to advance education and retention. 

  • Invest in officer wellness through outside educational resources
  • Re-envisioning and cross-training UPDs​