Officer Training and Education

California State Police Departments are committed to training that is certified and approved by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training. Additionally, officers are provided training that addresses evolving techniques, technologies, and best practices for dealing with emergent community policing issues.

Related Goal(s)

All 23 campus police departments will continue to certify with the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST).  Police training will be guided by the CSU Police Chiefs Training Committee and focus on best practice and emergent issues.

  • POST requirements
  • POST de-escalation training
  • Webinar Series

Create opportunities for purposeful professional development including continued education focused on social justice, anti-racism, mentoring, leadership training, and continuing education.

  • Better prepare entry level officers to take on leadership roles
  • Principled policing: unconscious bias and procedural justice
  • Create the social justice and anti-racism development plan
  • Identify funding and measure usage

Partner w​ith​ faculty to develop curriculum focused on educating and empowering future officers to create systemic change.  Lead the way with this training and offer it to outside agencies.

  • Identify key faculty for partnership
  • Develop curriculum