Community Policing and Crime Reduction

California State Police Departments work under the guidance of shared governance, as an important means of co-producing public safety.

Related Goal(s)

Encourage higher levels of engagement by all members of the university community in the co-production of public safety through enhanced community policing practices.

  • Define shared governance and community policing
  • Develop and communicate baseline model of public safety services
  • Serve communities beyond traditional policing
  • Share campus practices across the CSU

Continue to work with various campus entities to provide collaborative safety strategies, including accountability for statutory compliance to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy.

  • Identify key surrounding law enforcement agencies
  • Identify safety strategies
  • Create responsive prevention programs with surrounding law enforcement agencies based on Clery crime statistics

Research and develop a survey tool that campuses may use to collect data, as a method of assessing respondent satisfaction with CSU campus policing.

  • Develop a survey tool