Policy and Oversight

CSU police chiefs continually review and adjust campus police policies in ways that reflect the values of our communities and utilize emerging ideas to reimagine policing. Policies and procedures are posted for public review at all 23 campus locations.

Related Goal(s)

Update and maintain systemwide policies for the 23 campuses of the CSU.

  • Finalize policy review process
  • Continuously update system policies
  • Maintenance schedule developed for policy updates
  • Quarterly committee report on policies created/revised

Audit, research and update policies on use of force.

  • Remove ‘carotid hold’ from the systemwide use of force policies
  • Audit use of force data

Conduct a review of CRU policy and oversight.

  • Completed initial review

Meet and establish connections with CSU trustees, CSU executives, presidents, and vice presidents.

  • Create a connection plan and make assignments; develop goals for each connection
  • Create outreach messages to each of those groups