Building Trust and Legitimacy

​​California State University police departments throughout the state are guided by a philosophy of humane treatment of every individual that we vow to safeguard and protect. We value diverse teams that work transparently, while promoting fair and just treatment to all of the people ​we serve.​

Related Goal(s)

Develop the framework for working groups that create police oversight through community engagement.

  • Establish CSU Police Advisory Councils at each campus
  • Establish council objectives and KPIs

Review and update the CSU Police Chiefs Strategic Plan 2018 to 2020 to reflect more accurately the current 21st century strategic approach.

  • Revise the strategic plan
  • Map alignment with 21st Century strategic approach

Demonstrate transparency by establishing specific and measurable outcomes for achieving the strategic plan, and report progress to the public.

  • Identify measurable outcomes
  • Report on progress via the Reimagining CSU Policing website

Identify and evaluate key stakeholders, and communicate actions and successes in a consistent manner

  • Identify key stakeholders and needs
  • Facilitate opportunities for dialogue and information gathering/dissemination