Reimagining CSU Policing

CSU Policing: Reimagining Our Role

California State University campus police are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of the Cal State community. With an overarching objective of building community trust and establishing a guardian mentality, every officer is committed to creating a campus culture that contributes to the intellectual, social and personal development of CSU students. To that end, campus police are reimagining our responsibilities and roles, using the 21st Century Policing Report as a guiding document. ​


Stat​​ement fro​​m​ the Chanc​ellor

​“The California State University’s campus police – like the university they represent – are steadfastly committed to inclusive excellence. They work diligently to provide safe and welcoming environments where all members of the CSU’s dynamically diverse community are afforded equitable opportunities to learn, discover and serve, as well as to develop personally and engage with one another free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, retaliation and criminal behavior. I applaud our officers and police leadership for their commitment to continuous improvement and fully endorse their thoughtful and compassionate approach to implementing the principles of 21st Century Policing​.”


Stateme​nt from Police Chiefs

“We reaffirm our commitment to fostering a culture that prioritizes compassion and care for all. The law enforcement oath to protect and serve is a responsibility we take seriously, as we hold ourselves to a higher standard to build trust in our communities. We will continue to engage in open dialogue, review our practices, revise our training, improve our cultural education, enforce accountability, collaborate with our community leaders, and maintain transparency.

“We will not waiver in our mission to preserve the rights of all who peacefully assemble. We are inspired by our communities, cities, and nation using their presence and voices to safeguard the sacred rights and dignity of all human beings.”

About 21st Century Policing at ​the CSU​​

​The tenets of the 21st Century Policing Report, developed and adopted by public safety organ​izations across the U.S., provide the foundation for instituting meaningful introspection and improvements at the California State University, while building community trust and establishing a guardian mentality on every campus.

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Policing Working Groups​

Police across the CSU are committed to implementing a progressive and thoughtful approach to policing on our campuses. Six working groups have been established to develop and implement actions based on the 21st Century Policing Report. The objectives, progress and outcome of those working group​s are reported here. ​

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