Upending the Food Pyramid

The way we’re eating is changing—and CSU alumni, faculty and students are serving up new options.

Food is a huge part of the human experience. We use it to celebrate holidays and milestones, show love and as the centerpiece when we commune with friends. Typically, we take for granted that food will be readily available at the grocery store. The pandemic upended that expectation when we were met with rows of empty shelves. A disruption like this causes us to pause and think about our diets and where products are sourced—especially at this time of year as the holidays are just on the horizon.

Since the dawn of time, when our ancestors were hunting and gathering, what we eat has been in constant flux. And this is true now more than ever. Take a look at just a few of the ways the CSU’s faculty, students and alumni are influencing the future of food and what’s for dinner.

Top Trends in the Food Industry

  • More globally interconnected food system due to technology and trade.
  • Greater awareness among consumers about nutritional aspects leading to more consumption of fruits and vegetables, in addition to their year-round availability.
  • More value is added to the farm products.
  • More convenience is demanded by consumers than ever before.
  • Food eaten away from home has been on an increasing trend, which took a hit during the recent months due to COVID-19.
  • More online purchases of groceries.
  • Food preferences are shaped more and more by aspects like environmental consciousness, social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Increasing demand for animal proteins due to population growth and rising incomes worldwide.
  • New protein and meat substitutes from plant-based ingredients are becoming accepted in the mainstream.

See how else CSU faculty and students are at the forefront of agricultural innovations.