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Statements on January CSU Trustees' Meeting and Budget Discussion




The following statements were issued today related to the upcoming California State University (CSU) Trustees meeting and budget discussion:

California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White:

"At this week's meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees we will have a frank discussion about the proposed level of funding in the 2018-19 state budget and the needs of the university.

The budget process is just getting underway, and this conversation will extend beyond our upcoming board meeting and engage many constituents and partners over the coming days and months.

As such, the CSU Trustees will not be asked to raise tuition, if it becomes necessary, until at least May. This will allow all to gain a deeper understanding of the state's financial outlook, make our case to policymakers and recognize the efforts undertaken to streamline operations across the university.

Funding the CSU at an appropriate level is imperative – there is no other investment that has the potential to elevate the futures of so many Californians."

California State Student Association President Maggie White:

"CSU students are in the precarious position of being held responsible for rapidly increasing mandatory costs that the state of California seems unwilling to fund from year to year. We are hopeful that this additional time will give students and our partners in advocacy the opportunity to convince state leaders of the importance of funding the CSU and making any tuition increase unnecessary. Affordability must remain a top priority for all who understand the monumental impact of higher education on California's future." 

Academic Senate of the California State University Chair Christine Miller:

"This past week the Academic Senate discussed a resolution calling for continued advocacy for adequate funding of the CSU in lieu of a tuition increase. In it, we note that investment by the state of California is critical to the CSU's mission, and we acknowledge that tuition increases put a financial strain on CSU students and their families. We also urge the legislature to provide the funding necessary to deliver a quality education, and we pledge to continue working with our partners across the CSU system to engage in sustained joint advocacy on behalf of our students." 

The CSU Board of Trustees will convene in Long Beach on January 30 and 31. The meeting can be viewed at

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