The Future of Work:


Never in the history of humanity has work changed so rapidly. Automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are just a few of the disruptors altering the workplace as we know it. No one can say with certainty what many jobs will look like even a decade from now. 

That's why now, more than ever, California needs the California State University to prepare students for both the upheaval and the opportunities to come.

We recently sat down (virtually) with expert CSU faculty and staff in healthcare, management, communication, management and professional and continuing education for a lively discussion about work. We talked about what the workplace will (and won't) look like in the years to come, the skills professors want to cultivate to ensure their students thrive professionally, and how students can and should create their own future (some are already doing it). Read on for highlights from our conversation.

Meet the​ Panel

Dr. Lonny Brooks of Cal State East Bay; Dr. Philip Greiner of San Diego State; Dr. Thomas Norman of CSU Dominguez Hills; and Dr. Sheila Thomas of the CSU Office of the Chancellor got together in August 2019 for a lively conversation about the future of work.

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