Story Commencement

Commencement 2022 is Here!

Alex Beall

See how CSU campuses are honoring their graduates.


With the close of another school year, CSU graduates have more than one reason to rejoice. Not only will commencement mark the end of their ​college journey and the triumph of earning a degree, but with the return to traditional ceremonies across the campuses, students will be able to celebrate the occasion surrounded by family and friends.

"Unlike any other graduating class, your university experience has been shaped in extraordinary ways by more than two years of a global pandemic," says Interim CSU Chancellor Jolene Koester. "During those years, you have developed and honed attributes that will benefit you for a lifetime. Your resilience and adaptability will become career strengths. Your creativity and resourcefulness will define you. Your courage and determination are, in my eyes, already legendary. While it might have been different than the college experience you envisioned when you started your journey, these years have made you sharper, tougher, brighter and more purpose-driven than ever before."

Check each campus​’s​ website for commencement dat​es, locations and mor​e.​