Tammy Blackburn

​Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, University Relations and Development (URAD)
Founder, Wallace Shatsky Blackburn Courage Through Cancer Fund
San Diego State University

Tammy Blackburn is a double alumna, former basketball star, Alumni Association and URAD employee, and a broadcaster for CBS Sports, ESPN and the PAC-12 network. Known for her passion, determination and persistence, most would say she represents “the definition of courage with the heart of an Aztec warrior.” This is because when faced with her own breast cancer diagnosis, she created a fund providing tuition, housing, books and meals to students and their families affected by cancer. Blackburn establishes partnerships, raises money and gets to know the students—all while dealing with her own personal health struggles. “When I sit with donors, and I talk with them about the impact they can have, it’s so real… they can feel it, touch it and see it,” she says. Now facing stage four cancer, Blackburn refuses to let it stop her. She continues to create a legacy for other Aztecs and hopes to expand her program to other universities throughout the nation.

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