Shelly-Ann Collins, Ph.D.

​Pyschologist​ and Counselor Faculty, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
California State University, Long Beach​​​

Shelly-Ann Collins’ professional identity evolved from her belief that everyone wants to be understood, which is why her therapeutic approach tends to focus on establishing strong connections. The licensed psychologist and relational cultural therapist specializes in relationships; racial, gender and sexual minority mental health; and increasing cultural competence. In addition to her clinical work at Cal State Long Beach, Collins supervises its doctoral intern training program. “The themes of connection, culture, relationships and race thread through my tenure at CAPS,” she says. “I am motivated by the promise of change, of possibilities. Working with college students and being on a university campus ignites and maintains my passion for promoting advocacy, inclusion and belonging. I believe I am my very best here and hope that my work holds value for others as well.” Collins is also clinical director of The Black Girl Doctor, a group practice. ​

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