Maria Angelica Garcia

Humboldt State University ​

Maria Angelica Garcia described her first days of being an engineering major at Humboldt State, 700 miles away from home as “a complete and total culture shock.” However, HSU’s Place-Based Learning Communities (PBLC)—a program that puts first-year science majors together in the same courses, housing blocks and introductory seminars enabled Garcia to quickly adapt to life among the redwoods. The PBLC program is just one of many CSU programs supporting Graduation Initiative 2025, which helps students belong and assimilate into campus life, resulting in greater student success. As a STEM major, Garcia was introduced to her peer and faculty group through Klamath Connection in her first year. She then transitioned to the Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP), where she became a mentor and then a lead mentor. This provided two years of continuous connection with her peers. Now on track to graduate, Garcia plans to pursue her passion through grad school and a career in renewable energy.

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