Jazmin Araceli Barrita Barrita

Academic Mentor, College Assistance Migrant Program
2021 CSU Trustees’ Award Winner
California State University, Bakersfield

As a young girl from Mexico, Jazmin Araceli Barrita Barrita harvested grapes with her family rather than attend school. Once in high school, the Migrant Education Program became her lifeline—and led her to pursue a degree. But it was the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP), which assists farmworkers or their children enrolled in the first year of undergraduate studies, that helped her thrive. She served as an ambassador and academic mentor with CAMP, where she helped other first-generation students adapt to college. Jazmin also assisted low-income households with filing their tax returns, volunteered with the American Cancer Association and served as vice president of the University Accounting Association. “My struggles are nothing but learning experiences that motivate me every day to do my best,” she says. Her hard work was acknowledged with a CSU Trustees’ Award, and she plans to use the skills she acquired at CSUB to become a certified public accountant.​​

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