Firozeh Farahmand

Teaching Associate, Foundations Of Biology: Energy, Matter and Information Laboratory
2021 CSU Trustees’ Award Winner
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Firozeh Farahmand began attending Cal Poly Pomona as a freshman with a passion for science. As an undergrad, she was involved in clubs, a sorority and Greek Council, and competed in track and field. She also worked as a teaching associate, where she says she “enjoyed working with students on their biology course because I could help them find their passion in the field.” Yet, Farahmand felt lost pursuing her own pre-med degree until she conducted research at CPP’s Steele Lab. She then decided to pursue a STEM career. While completing her master’s program, she was named a CSU Trustee Scholar, the university’s highest honor for a student. After graduation, Farahmand began working for a biotechnology company. She plans to pursue a doctorate and become a professor who will teach and mentor the next generation of students planning careers in biological sciences.

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