Angelica Gurrola

Graduate Student Assistant, Office Of Student, Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities
2021 CSU Student Trustees’ Award Winner
California State University, East Bay

Angelica Gurrola is a first-generation student who has overcome many challenges, including navigating the college admission process and financing her education. But, she says, “Growing up in a low-income household taught me the importance of being resourceful and seizing opportunities.” Now a graduate student, she has an interest in human capital, which stems from her experience as a resident assistant, and a passion for helping and collaborating with others. Additionally, Gurrola has ​served as an orientation staff member and administrative student clerk. She currently works as a graduate student assistant in the Office of Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities. In 2021, her outstanding achievements were acknowledged with a CSU Trustees’ Award. She also cared for her parents while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. Gurrola aspires to work as a chief human resources officer at a consulting firm.

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