CSU Faculty, Fall 2018

CSU Faculty, Fall 2018

The CSU’s distinguished faculty members continue to play a critical role in preparing future leaders with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the workforce, drive California’s economy and give back to their communities.

The CSU employs slightly more than 27,000 total faculty members, who account for the majority of CSU employees. Of the 13,000-plus full-time faculty, approximately 78 percent are tenured or on the tenure track. Of full-time faculty employed by the CSU, 3,585 were probationary (not yet tenured). This is an increase of more than 1,500 compared to 2013, and reflects several years of significant efforts to hire additional tenure-track faculty.

​The increasingly diverse composition of CSU faculty is an asset to the CSU’s ongoing efforts to increase graduation rates, eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps, and ensure student success.


Gender and Ethnicity

These tables represent information on the gender and race/ethnicity of CSU full-time faculty in Fall 2018 and Fall 2013. In Fall 2018, over 34 percent of full-time CSU faculty were ethnic minorities, and approximately 49 percent were female. In Fall 2013, 30 percent of full-time faculty were ethnic minorities, and approximately 46 percent were female.​

Tenure Status

These tables provide information on the rank and tenure status of full-time faculty. Eighty-nine percent of tenure-track faculty hold doctorates. While the overall diversity of the faculty has increased over the past five years, the number of African-American faculty has declined.

New Faculty

Continued high levels of faculty recruitment supported a fourth consecutive year of growth in total numbers of tenure-track faculty. Of the CSU’s 734 new tenure-track faculty members, 43% are minorities and 54% are female, compared to 39% minorities and 51% females hired to tenure-track positions in Fall 2013. Most of this year’s new faculty members fill assistant professor positions, but faculty were hired in all academic ranks.

​More information on new faculty hired by the CSU is available in an annual report on the Faculty Recruitment Survey. This report contains detailed information on faculty recruitment, faculty demographics and salaries offered to new faculty..

Promotions & Tenure

The following tables present data on the number of faculty unit employees who were promoted to a higher academic rank effective Fall 2017 and Fall 2018 and the number of faculty who earned tenure effective Fall 2018. These data include promotions and awards of tenure to instructional faculty, as well as non-instructional members of the faculty bargaining unit eligible for tenure (counselors and librarians).​


The tables below present information on tenured/tenure track and full-time temporary faculty who separated from CSU employment in 2017-2018 and in the prior year. In 2017-2018, 59 percent of the separations were retirements.​