Letter from the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Melissa Bard Dear Friends of the California State University,

The employees of the California State University are an extremely talented, diverse and motivated group. Our faculty and staff continue to play an essential role in executing the mission of the CSU: to adequately prepare a new generation of leaders in the state of California and beyond.

As you will find in the following report, the employees who belong to the CSU family have again grown. CSU remains committed to focusing on the student success initiatives to provide students with a clearer path to graduation and to eliminate the achievement gap among underrepresented minority students.

This report also demonstrates the CSU’s commitment to diversity in our workforce. Our employees come from a rich array of backgrounds and experiences, providing our students with the opportunity to encounter new perspectives and to go on to succeed in an increasingly connected, global work environment. The value of a CSU education remains strong, and as a system we are well positioned for continued success in large part due to the commitment of employees at all 23 campuses and the Chancellor’s Office. The high value the university places on retention demonstrates this - going to great lengths to provide the CSU workforce with attractive benefits and a motivating atmosphere at work.

I invite you to enjoy this publication, which in addition to updated data also includes notable recent achievements by students and faculty. My hope is that in reading the 2016 Employee Profile, you will gain a greater understanding of the people who make the CSU such a special place to work and learn.

Warm regards,


Melissa L. Bard
Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer