​CPDC Validation and BOT Approval

CPDC Validation and BOT Approval


At approximately 75% Schematic Design and prior to the start of Design Development Phase by the campus, the Assistant Vice Chancellor at CPDC shall review Capital projects as a delegated schematic approval or provide concurrence for presentation of the project schematic design to the Board of Trustees (BOT).

for Projects that require BOT presentation and approval, the final presentation should address all items that we identified in the 75% Schematic Design presentation. The required complete documents for BOT presentation need to be submitted approximately 10 weeks prior to the date of the meeting in order for the project to make the agenda. BOT dates are published annually by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer. The campus is encouraged maintain communication with the designated University planner at the CPDC.

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  • ​BOT Meeting Dates and Due dates for Agenda Items for the Committees on Finance and Campus Planning, Building and Grounds Letter