Schematic Design Phase

Schematic Design Regulatory Approval


Description: Prior to presentation of the 75 % schematic design documents to Assistant Vice Chancellor at CPDC, the project shall be reviewed for compliance with budget, scope, and schedule. Adjustments to the schedule should be readily identifiable. Additionally, written concurrences of seismic and mechanical peer reviewers should be obtained. Code analysis of the project should be complete and presentable. Early courtesy meetings with State Fire Marshal, Division of State Architect, Access Compliance, and other relevant local agencies should have also occurred. Minutes of such the meetings must be documented and available. Written certification warranting that the campus organization representing persons with disabilities have had the opportunity to review the plans should be available for CPDC.

The Schematic documents should be incisive of the campus and CSU standards such as the Telecommunications Infrastructure Model Guidelines and campus energy targets. Any modification to the program specifications shall be noted and a request for program change must also be submitted in writing to CPDC.

  • - SUAM Section X; 9203.01(3), 9203.01(4), 9212
  • - SUAM Section XI; 9233 - 9233.03
  • - CSU Procedures Guide Sections 1.7, 1.8, 2.1
  • - CSU Seismic Requirements Sections 1 - 4
  • - Gov. Code, section 6250 et seq. (once opened bid becomes public record)