Affinity Groups

Campus ​Deputy Building Officials

The CSU Campus Deputy Building Officials (CDBO) Roundtable Affinity Group is a forum comprised of CDBOs along with key members from the CSU OFfice of Fire Safety (OFS) as major stakeholders. Other participants include Campus Planners, Inspectors of Record, DFOs and others. CDBOs are tasked with ensuring code compliance to promote a healthy, safe and accessible environmental on CSU campuses and occupied properties. The forum draws on the strengths and knowledge of each members to address and discuss relevant topics essential to maintaining safe buildings and structures on campus - a vital component of the CSU mission. Meeting archives are available on CSYou ​
(For CSU staff; login required).  ​

Campus P​​lanners

Campus Planners from all 23 campuses and the Office of the Chancellor work together to develop and improve the CSU by sharing information and fostering discussion on topics such as master planning, programming, space management, project budgeting, and feasibility studies. In addition, the group establishes best practices from both internal and industry case studies, reinforcing better decision making and problem solving.​

 Construction Management

The CSU Construction Management Affinity Group is comprised of representatives from CSU design and construction department leaders at both the campus and systemwide levels. The mission of the group is to provide a forum in which an environment of collaboration and forward thinking ideas among CSU campus design and construction management department leaders can take place, bringing added value to the process of delivering construction projects.​


Energy Managers

The CSU Energy Managers Affinity Group gives campus energy managers an opportunity to share model practices and learn from each other’s experiences. Energy managers collaborate on critical topics such as renewable energy and carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and high-performance building design. The Energy Managers Affinity Group works to ensure the CSU is operating in a clean and fiscally responsible manner.​

Executive Facilities Officers

The Executive Facilities Officers (EFO) Affinity Group is made up of senior campus leadership generally responsible for capital programs and facilities. The EFOs work closely with one another and the Chancellor's Office to help shape a broad range of systemwide policy initiatives relating to project implementation, project funding and facilities operations. 

Directors of Facilities Operations

Directors of Facilities Operations (DFO) is comprised of Facilities representatives from all campuses collaborating to develop and support the CSU core mission by sharing forward-thinking ideas and campus best practices. The DFOs recognize systemwide leaders and foster discussions that reinforce better decision making related to the maintenance of facilities, collective bargaining, fleet management, capital renewal, Job Order Contracting (JOC) and emergency operations.

​​Sustain​​ab​ility Officers

​The systemwide Sustainability Affinity Group identifies and advocates for university operations and engagement model practices that minimize our campuses' impact on the environment. Supporting the CSU core mission and the CSU Sustainability Policy, the Affinity Group works to benchmark and continuously improve their campuses as recognized national leaders in sustainability.  


The systemwide Transportation and Parking Directors Affinity Group ensures that students, faculty and staff have safe, affordable and convenient ways to get to campus. Transportation Directors share new technologies and program models that help make transportation on campuses better. They also work to guarantee the long-term financial health of the campus' parking and transportation programs.