Brand Identity

The visual identity of the CSU is instantly recognizable. Consistent, appropriate use of our branding enhances communication and is designed to work in tandem with the branding of each of our 23 campuses.

CSU Branding Guide

Find guidance on how to use the key visual elements that make up the CSU’s branding system.


CSU Wordmark Endorsed  
CSU Wordmark Horizontal  
CSU Wordmark Stacked  

The CSU wordmark is the core component of the CSU's visual identity system. The complete mark is comprised of the "CSU" block and the California State University name in type. The wordmark must appear on all CSU communications. 

A single-line version and two-line version are available, as shown above. The "CSU" block can also transform into a horizontal bar for some applications. Read more in the CSU Brand Guidelines (PDF).

Please contact our Communications team to request CSU wordmark files.


The official seal of the California State University signifies the academic character of the CSU and is appropriately used in support of official CSU policies, decisions, ceremonies or other formal actions of the CSU as an academic institution. 

In order to maintain its integrity and effectiveness, the seal should not be used for relatively informal or routine materials or for materials not directly related to academic purposes. Read more in the CSU Brand Guidelines (PDF) and the History of the CSU Seal (PDF)



Pantone 186 C


Cool Gray 1



The color palette offers colors chosen to express the brand of the CSU and complement campus identity systems. Consistent use of a strong color palette can help project the CSU’s position as an education leader and can unify communication materials across the CSU system. The primary palette consists of CSU Red (Pantone #186). Read more in the CSU Brand Guidelines (PDF).

CSU Campus Identities​​

Each of the CSU's 23 campuses maintains its own unique visual identity and brand that complements the CSU’s systemwide branding.