The CSU’s preferred typefaces – Univers and ITF Garamond – allow for flexibility while maintaining a consistent visual character within a wide range of communication materials. Consistent use of the recommended typography helps the CSU achieve visual continuity and stre​ngthen the university's brand presence.

Print Typography

The university recognizes that Universe and Garamond type families are not freely available for use. Therefore, the following free alternatives are approved for use by CSU communicators.

Univers Alternatives: The Roboto and Roboto Condensed typefaces can be used to replace Univers and Univer​​s Condensed. Oswald can be used to replace Univers Ultra Condensed.

ITC Garamond Alternatives: The EB Garamond​ typeface can be used to replace ITC Garamond.​

Web Typography

The Open Sans and Oswald​ typeface families are approved for use on CSU websites. Both font families are free for use.