Remarks by Dr. Joseph I. Castro - June 25, 2021

CO Leadership Development Program
Program Completion Celebration
Brief Congratulations (as prepared)
Chancellor Joseph I. Castro
June 25, 2021

Thank you, David. It's great to be with all of you today. I can hardly believe it's been nearly five months since I had the opportunity to speak with you at the beginning of this program back in February.

Although my time is somewhat limited this morning, it was important to me to come back for a few minutes to thank Vice Chancellor Evelyn Nazario, Joan Torne, Sheila Owens, Jennifer Wicks, Martin Lowery and David Kervella for developing this innovative, comprehensive and important program. I hope we can build upon it so that we can inspire, challenge and develop the CSU's current and future leaders for many years to come.

And to those who've completed this inaugural program, I offer my congratulations! Well done! But beyond congratulations, I also offer my heartfelt admiration and appreciation for your intellectual curiosity, your willingness and courage to go beyond your comfort zone in pursuit of new perspectives, fresh ideas and sharpened skills, all while working so hard to advance the CSU's mission through perhaps the most challenging time in the university's 61-year history.

The CO and the CSU more broadly always need and benefit from intelligent, compassionate and ethical leaders like all of you. But today, we are emerging from a global public health crisis of historic proportions. We are reimagining and reinventing a post-pandemic university, one that incorporates the lessons we've learned and innovations we've developed to help more students, from all backgrounds, incomes and zip codes, earn the security, prosperity and purpose that come with a CSU degree. What a responsibility! What an opportunity! What a privilege! Your leadership, intellect, creativity and commitment have never been more critical or more necessary, and I am so thankful to have you on our team. The CSU's future is bright, and leaders like you are essential!

Again, congratulations!

I want to spend my remaining time this morning in conversation with you. As I shared back in February, there's little I like to do more than to engage with like-minded folks who share my passion for leadership, and educational leadership in particular. Sheila, I understand that there are a few questions for me. Could you please lead the Q&A?