Patti Waid

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Strategic Communications and Public Affairs
The California State University

Patti Waid

As assistant vice chancellor for Strategic Communications and Public Affairs for the California State University, Patti Waid is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of public communications, while working closely with the CSU's 23 campuses to coordinate and leverage strategic communications systemwide.

The overarching goal of the Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Department is to strengthen public understanding, trust and support for the CSU and its core mission among external audiences – including business, industry and community organizations, as well as the public at large – thereby enhancing the university's reputation, affinity with alumni, and development and fundraising opportunities.

The department also leads CSU efforts focused on the media, oversees communications initiatives to articulate systemwide policy issues and coordinates social media outreach.

Patti joined the Chancellor's Office in January 2021, after having served for 20 years in communications roles of increasing responsibility at two CSU campuses (Fresno State and Chico State) and UC Merced, the newest University of California campus, where she was a founding member of the university.

Patti is “made in the CSU," having graduated from Fresno State with a degree in international business. She also holds a California teaching credential with BCLAD (Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development) authorization.