Workforce Investments: $311 Million

The CSU Board of Trustees recognizes salary and benefits for faculty, staff, and management as a key element to the university's success. Continued investment in competitive salary and benefits is critical for the CSU to provide access to an affordable, high-quality education and graduate a well-prepared workforce. A competitive compensation package is essential to recruit and retain a world-class workforce.

Faculty and Staff Compensation Pool$260,910,000
Health Premium Increase​​

TOTAL $311,4​34,000

Recognizing the CSU is a people-driven institution–people who support, inspire, and uplift the diverse and talented students who are California’s future leaders

Faculty and Staff Compensa​tion Pool

The faculty and staff compensation pool is funding that, under mutual agreement by the CSU and each CSU bargaining unit, could be used for different elements of compensation, such as salary and benefit changes for all employees of a bargaining unit, to address specific market, salary structure, or job framework issues for certain groups of employees within a bargaining unit, or for a wholesale change from one salary structure to another (e.g., market, traditional, job family, or step rate). The mutual agreement between the CSU and each CSU bargaining unit will determine the form of compensation that the compensation pool will support.

With some minor exceptions, no collective bargaining agreements have salary and benefit provisions that extend beyond 2022-23. This budget plan includes $260.9 million to fund 2023-24 compensation increases for all employee groups. The compensation pool is subject to collective bargaining and contingent on the state providing the funding to support this priority.

Additional Information - Cost of One Percent

Health Premium Inc​​​rease

Permanent base budget costs associated with January 2023 employer-paid health care premium increases are $50.5 million, reflecting an eight percent increase in costs. Health care premiums are shared between the CSU and its employees, with the CSU funding a significant portion of the costs. The CSU currently invests over $600 million per year in health care premiums for its employees. The CSU is governed by California Government Code Section 22871, which defines the employer-paid contribution rates.​

Additional Information - Health Care Premium Increase